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Estate Planning

Wills – a Will is often the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks about estate planning. In a will, you can tell your family what you want to happen with your things after you have passed.

Pros: usually easy to set up and less cost to setup.
Cons: requires family to go to probate court, usually more expensive than alternatives.

Trusts – a Trust is a way to leave your property without having to go to probate court. In other words, it is like a Will that does not have to be approved by a judge.

Pros: property can be given to family privately, less costs to administer, can be used for many other things such as asset protection, tax planning, and qualifying for Medicaid benefits.
Cons: more expensive to set up than a Will.

Living Will – a.k.a. Advanced Directive, it is a legally binding document where you can make healthcare decisions for yourself in advance. Most common example is the decision whether you want to have machines keeping you alive after a certain amount of time.

Designation of Healthcare Surrogate – a document where you appoint someone to make healthcare decisions for you if you reach a point where you cannot make decisions yourself (usually with instructions on what kinds of decisions you want made).

Power of Attorney – a document where you appoint someone to handle your finances (usually with instructions on what kinds of decisions you want them to make).

Estate & Tax Planning for International Families

Families investing in the United States from foreign countries have to deal with many complex tax and legal hurdles. We have years of experience in helping international families deal with these hurdles by helping them structure their investments in ways that help them legally minimize taxes paid in the U.S. as well as pass on these investments to their family without going to probate court.

Real Estate

Real Estate Closings – we help you through the entire process of buying your home.

International Real Estate – we understand the tax and legal complexities when a foreigner is buying or selling real estate.

• Contract Review
• Dealing with your lender
• Dealing with condo/homeowners association
• Title Insurance